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EDesign bedroom render

EDesign + Online Interior Design Services

Ditch the vanilla - it's time to sparkle.
An edgy interior is waiting for you.

E-design is the new digital way of having your very own hip personal interior designer!

With the COVID Lockdown, remote work has given designers an opportunity to design interiors completely on the web. Online interior design services are the latest and greatest way to redesign your home. From single rooms, to a complete home re-design (think AIRBNB), e-design provides a fun + easy alternative to the conventional interior design project.

There are 1000's of designers, but only one unique Amandork! Working with Foster Decor means you get 10 years of creative experience for your unique dream space. I'll guide you through the fun 1:1 online experience as you get the edgy + bold design of your dreams. Edesign with me will save you time, money, and headaches!

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Edesigner at Foster Decor,
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eDesigner Foster Decor sporting purple tutu

meet amandork 

BFF Online Interior Designer/eDesigner

I'm a fun and energetic interior designer + edesigner living in Downtown Sacramento. I design edgy edesign interiors for amazing creatives all online through the power of e-design. Your space should reflect your unique personality and/or brand. I help Influencers, Entrepreneurs, Streamers (and all creatives) get that bold room of their dreams.  Ditch the cookie-cutter.





  1. virtual home design services you can experience in your underwear.

  2. affordable alternative to traditional interior design. Online interior design (no beige allowed).

  3. best social distancing option for the new norm - 6' feet please!

  4. step by step guides + online chat (don't be scared just breathe).

  5. something you do if you want a kick-ass room ( ! )

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Phrase: "This room was made entirely online through the magic of e-design." See Witchcraft

"Amandork's a terrific human being, eDesigner, and really tailors everything according to your needs, hopes + dreams!"
Vanessa, client of Foster Decor, Blonde Hair, Black top

how edesign works


see how the magic happens! it's easy - I promise!

You deserve a room you're EXCITED to come home to. One that truly defines your kickass personality. Color, humor, + originality are key to my edesigns to reflect your unique style! Online interior design may be just what you are looking for to create that space you so desire. Seriously, virtual interior design will blow your mind! And it is oh-so simple!

Check it out below!

Retouch Foyr Project, Foster Decor Edesign
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  Prep Work  

Upload your photos, measurements, and answer a fun style questionnaire.


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Chat with me about your design dilemma and vision for the awesome final look.


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I create beautiful + easy to understand 3D renders + floor plans of your space.


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Receive a curated shopping list. Buy all at once or over time depending on budget.

Edgy edesign floor plan by Foster Decor
rad process

ill walk you through it! step by step

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Edesign is the new way my friend! We are in the digital age. Gone are the days of only in-person design from traditional interior designers (wait that's me?) I admit I was an Interior Architect once upon a time, but the 9-5 cubicle life just was not for me. Living abroad, traveling across the world, and backpacking with my laptop and a few sets of clothes is totally my jam. I am a proud freelance, accredited designer, happily working remotely. I am grateful I get to meet awesome clients all across the globe and it's all possible online. Online interior design is the new go-to. Take a peek at the process below & see what eDesign can do for you!

step 1

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Homework time - but it's the fun kind.

First off, we need to get to know each other! Check out my about page to learn more about moi. Now let's talk about YOU! I'll send you a fun design questionnaire to fill out to give me all the deets on your project, your design preferences, and any juicy inspiration pics to make sure I understand your vision 100%. I'll guide you step-by-step with taking photos of the room, easily measuring your space and sketching on a napkin! Once we got the basics down we can move forward! This is the first step in your new edesign online interior!

eDesign questionnaire, design preferences

Design Questionnaire

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   getting started, eDesign style:

  1. tell me your design dilemma in detail + room goals.

  2. discover your style preferences with my design quiz.

  3. upload photos of your awesome space.

  4. share + take measurements of the room.


step 2

Let's make a date + chat <3

Next it's time to set the date! No, not tying the knot - an edesign chit chat to discuss your awesome answers from the questionnaire. This way everything is crystal clear before I start creating your drool-worthy edesigns. We will set a timeline and I will go over any other questions. Now you just sit back and relax while I go to work!

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Foster Decor CEO, Amandork, Edesigner
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   let's chat

  1. after initial prep work I look over your answers.

  2. schedule a 15 - 30 min Zoom Call or messaging time.

  3. talk about the edesign to move forward with.

  4. create a mood board from our conversation.


step 3

Time to choose This or That

BBZZZT - Yup that's me in your inbox messaging you about your Concept edesigns! You will get 2 options to choose from! These will be based on your design preference answers, what we discussed on the call, and your inspiration photos. You also have access to a chat incase you have any changes or ideas you want to implement. You'll give me feedback on the concepts and choose A or B (in most cases it's a combination of both) And those notes will be carried over to the Final design. See, I told you online design services are fun!

Foster Decor Edesign Concept A , Gamer Design, Pink, Bold

concept A

Foster Decor Edesign, Gamer room, edgy interior, wild designs

concept B

   nuts + bolts

  1. I go to work creating Concept A + B.

  2. choose 1 to move forward with (or combo).

  3. 1 revision included (any last minute changes).

  4. floor plan included (everything's to scale).

edesign + revision

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step 4

The BIG Reveal + Shop until you drop!

Final edesign delivered! Your kickass edesign is now ready with all the sparkle and TLC I can possibly give to ensure you get the Happily Ever After space you are dreaming about. You'll also receive a Floor Plan with installation guideplacement notes and a killer Shopping List to buy the items all at once (because all the decor I picked is just so juicy) or to buy over time (because hey sometimes we are on a budget - up to you).

best frame web.png
best frame web.png
side table.png
storage cart.png
etsy 84 rug.png

   the fun part

  1. final edesign delivered (optional 3d design).

  2. final floor plan with placement notes.

  3. product list with shoppable links.

  4. time to enjoy your new space!

final + shopping

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3D edesign

See your room in 3D - 720 walkthrough experience.

For those wanting more of the VIP experience - the 3D eDesign is an a-la-carte upgrade that gives you a 3D viewable file. You'll get to see how these items will REALLY look in YOUR space (based off the photos you sent from step 1). This is an amazing experience as you will be able to view the space in a 360 mode and fly around in the 720 walkthrough. No need to use your imagination here. Pictures will do all the talking, but this 3D upgrade complete with VR QRcode. Welcome to the upgraded version of online interior design!